Solar Masterclass

European Solar B.V. organizes Masterclasses for companies who want to invest in Solar projects to make sure they will receive the Return of Investment they are promised in advance.

Solar masterclass

We have a team of specialists who have been working for at least a decade in the Solar Industry. On my daily tour I found the real specialist who explained me in the past the do’s and don’ts of this industry. 3 years ago we decided to unite under the European Solar flag to share our know how with investors, technician, real estate owners, housing corporations and for example utility companies. In short everybody who wants to secure there investment and make a sure profit.

We can provide you hands on information based on our experience about:

  • Warranties: Which types of warranties are offered and what is the value?
  • Reliability and Quality: How can I decide on which supplier is trustworthy or the quality is good?
  • Development of the market: What is the expected price from Solar Systems for the next 12-18 months?
  • Technical risks: What are the technical risks of a solar plant?

Generally we give Masterclasses in 2 ways. First we can host an exclusive Masterclass in house in your company. Second we visit several locations in the world through our close contacts with the WTC network where you can subscribe to the Masterclass.

Our Masterclass team:

Evert Vlaswinkel has 15 years experience in developing Solar Projects all over the world, but mainly in Europe. Having worked for Utility companies and EPC contractors Evert is sharing his know how to companies or governments who are interested in developing their own solar project.

Jan Bouma is working in the solar industry now for 8 years. Jan has always been independent and knowing all about subsidies, fiscal and financial aspects in the solar world he is now a well respected partner in our team of Solar professionals.

Willie van Aalst in an independent engineer. Willie started as an electrical installer, leading a team of 250 installers. Later he became head engineer at a large EPC contractor in the Netherlands. Since two years Willie focused on engineering and with a team of engineers they engineer for a lot of projects in Europe.

Gerard Scheper started working for a distributor in Holland as Sales Manager 8 years ago, later he started his own business and started working as a consultant for Solar Module manafacturers. Out of passion he wanted to contribute to the potential success of solar energy by sharing information through trainings which became Masterclasses in the end. Today he is a well respected entrepreneur in Asia and Europe who still is passionate about sharing information.

Harry Wolkenfelt, an independent, specialized global consultant in the field of solar panel insurance, certification of solar panels and inverters and mediation of solar panel projects. Harry just celebrated his 10th anniversary in the world of Solar.


09:30 Entrance.

10:00 Project development in the world (market data, analysis of the available data and research).

11:30 Project Engineering (do’s and don’ts, how can we safe money and prevent unnecessary work).

13:00 Netconnection, safety, roofsupport.

14:00 Project analyses & Financing (to make a clear picture with all parties involved to prepare a successful business case and project).

15:30 Quality (all quality measures which can be taken to prevent any loss of energy) & Insurances (to insure the revenue) & Contracts.

17:00 End.


The European Solar Masterclasses can be held on your office, you can also participate and subscribe to one of the following locations.

  • Las Vegas (WTC Las Vegas)
  • Vancouver/Winnipeg (WTC)
  • Stockholm (WTC)
  • Triest (WTC)
  • Warsaw (WTC)
  • Talinn (WTC)
  • Oslo (WTC)
  • Sofia (WTC)
  • Dubai (WTC)
  • Qatar (WTC)
  • Abu Dhabi (WTC)


This valuable and exclusive Masterclass is offered at 1.299 euro’s (Excluding VAT). Included in this offer is Lunch, food and beverages during the day and a drink on the end of the Masterclass. You will also receive a book containing valuable information and all presentations of the Masterclass.

These are some of our satisfied customers

  • Maximum number of 25 people.
  • €1299 (excluding VAT).
  • Offer includes lunch, food and beverages.
  • Bonus: a book containing valuable information.

Geen uitdaging te groot!
Ik help u graag op weg.

– Gerard Scheper