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I'm Gerard Scheper . In 2012, I first came into contact with the world of solar power systems and I was sold right. I was struck by the fact that it was done with fossil fuels and that we saddle our children and grandchildren with a huge problem. That has been my inspiration to contribute to an accelerated transition to renewable energy.

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It is my job to simplify technically complex matters. I worked in senior management positions with Sony and BASF, but grew up in an SME litter, which makes me a great affinity with entrepreneurs. So it is not surprising that I have pioneered a lot together with installers. We have overcome many technical and commercial challenges. I am someone who never gives up and partly because of this we have made many consumers happy with a solar power system.

I started at Solar Clarity, currently one of the largest wholesalers in the Netherlands. Through them I entered a Chinese adventure with Hanergy, a large company with a strong focus on sustainable energy. I also came into contact with projects for the first time, all larger than 1,000 solar panels.

Due to the high demand for my services, I decided in 2016 to work for a number of parties as a consultant. Partly because of this my work area was enlarged to northern Europe; Mainly the Benelux, Scandinavia and Germany. The experience I have gained in Germany, in particular, makes for an enormous knowledge advantage. The solar market has been there since 2002, so much longer than in the Netherlands.

The creation of European solar B.V. turned out to be a good move, because in the meantime I work together with a number of other professionals for large Asian, German and Dutch companies in the solar market. We are in 2017 involved in more than 125 megawatts of installed power and in 2018 we will be involved in 250 megawatts of installed power.

Besides consultancy, training, master classes, technical support, financial expertise, efficiency calculations and lectures, we also offer a total solution. I do this together with 4 other professionals that I have come across during my trip through Europe. Together we have over 35 years experience in the solar market.

Do you need our expertise, or do you want to exchange ideas without engagement? I like to hear it, we are waiting for you!

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