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In principle, solar modules are interesting for any entrepreneur with a business property. Although we often provide tailormade advice, two main groups can be distinguished: 1. Companies with a small roof (size up to 500m2) and 2. Companies with a large roof (size of more than 500m2).

Companies with a roof of up to 500m2

If your business premises have their own roofs, solar panels will quickly become of interest. It seems likely you have a domestic connection for small consumption. This connection is an electricity connection of 3×80 A or less. In many cases, you can achieve a good return without the allocation of subsidy. In the Netherlands tax advantages are granted.

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Companies with a roof larger than 500m2

Entrepreneurs in possession of a roof larger than 500m2, stand a good chance of establishing a nice yield. You will probably have an industrial connection for high consumption (larger than 3 x 80 A), so you will be eligible for the SDE+ subsidy. With this subsidy, the income in terms of rate has been fixed for 15 years. This creates an endless array of possibilities that usually lead to a financially beneficial solution for you!

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