Cup of coffee?

You can! I will gladly come to you, but you are also very welcome in our sustainable environment. At the Van Kleffenslaan in Heerenveen you will find the greenhouse. The greenhouse is an urban hotspot, where starters and entrepreneurs work together. The office spaces are made of used sea containers. This way of working together creates a vibrant and innovative atmosphere, always fun to taste. Let's know your preference!

Contact details

  • van Kleffenslaan 5
  • 8442 CR Heerenveen
  • + 31 (0) 513 207800

Monday: from 08:30 t/M 17:30
Tuesday: from 08:30 till 17:30
Wednesday: from 08:30 t/M 17:30
Thursday: from 08:30 t/M 17:30
Friday: from 08:30 till 17:30

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No Challenge too big!
I would like to help you on your way.

– Gerard Scheper