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European Solar is all about sustainable energy, but it’s also about people. To us, people are inseparably connected. Without good people, there can be no profitable solutions. And without high-end solutions, there can be no acceleration in the growth of sustainable energy. We facilitate committed interaction between suppliers and sustainability projects. Reliable an state-of-the-art.

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We have renowned global connections, but we also help our local clients in devising sustainable solutions. In addition to advice, we especially provide concrete operational solutions. Our team is characterized by the expertise and talent that it has accumulated with great care. European Solar is an industry frontrunner that is constantly working on trendsetting projects. We like to be involved and in the thick of the action.

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Solutions in the excellent category, along with personal service.

European Solar delivers reliable, sustainability solutions. We’re a global partner to prominent suppliers and ambitious organizations. We provide solutions in the excellent category, along with personal service. That is how we activate innovation and sustainability ambitions. We are the binding factor for both profit and nonprofit organizations.

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‘Thanks to European Solar, we’ve gained traction in the solar industry. The experts at European Solar have put us in touch with clients that match our service provision and our mission!’

Clients have rated European Solar 4.7/5 48 ratings

Clients have rated European Solar


48 ratings

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We activate innovation and sustainability ambitions on a global basis.